Monday, June 1, 2009

Dr. Hayes tells me to dip my toe in the river of knowledge

It's Monday morning. Sarah is gone. J-Ty (our old roomate) is gone forever. Tom (our new roomate) is all moved in.

Here is the recap of my life so far without Sarah:
1. I'm still job hunting - I'm sure the people at Coffee Exchange think I'm crazy due to a car alarm incident... I don't want to talk about it.
2. I played some pool.
3. I saw "Hunger" (see it! They have this redicoulous long take that must last about 7 mintutes. Not only is it a long take, but it is a stable two-shot where the characters are in shadow with highlights outlining their bodies. It works... yes!).
4. I went to a party and learned how to salsa dance. For being half black, you would think I would know how to dance better.
5. I saw "Terminator Salvation" (meh, not bad).

I spent the morning working on Internship 1. Right now, I'm trying to find housing, casting information, catering and secure a location for this short my professor is shooting in late July. We are shooting in this small town in upstate NY. I've made so many calls, I'm pretty sure every local business knows my name - now that's a strange feeling.

As far as my senior film goes, I got an idea and some crew. I want to shoot this really bitter sweet love story that deals with fantasy and reality. My junior film partner and I talked about shooting a story like this last semester, but it didn't end up happening - I'll let you readers wonder what bizzare flick we made instead. The overall point of the piece? No matter how hard you try and what you expect, some things are just not meant to work out the way you intend. That was the overall theme of my last semester, what with all of the pitfalls of my junior film.

I'm running into this problem whilst trying to write. I don't relate to my characters. For one thing, I've never had a longtermer and for another, I'm not a man. How do writers accurately write the opposite sex, another social class, etc? If we only write what we know, then is my perception of others enough to make my script work... Bueller? Bueller?

Meh, this is long enough for today. I'll try to make these more concise, entertaining and fluid in the future. Yes? Okay!

Less-Than-Three You <3 Monique
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