Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Update Fail

I feel like there have been so many things to blog about that have been passing me by without the opportunity to write about them. I don't think I have the mental energy to do it now, I've been bizarrely exhausted the past few days despite getting a ton of sleep. I'll do a brief recap of the weekend now, with a promise of more to come later. 

Katie and I decided to explore Hollywood on Friday night, which would probably remain the biggest activity mistake that we make this summer. It was, in a word, skeezy. Like if you were in Times Square but instead of it being 100% tourists it was 35% tourists 25% local people dressed like cheap whores and 40% tourists dressed like cheap whores. We got the 'thrill' of walking through a group of paparazzi on the way back to the car and the parking lot attendant told us that they pretty much stake out the lot starting at 11 pm and that we missed Paris Hilton by two nights. I wouldn't say we 'missed' her. Seeing the hand and foot prints in front of the Chinese Theatre was pretty awesome, but next time I know to go on a Wednesday morning to see them and not a Friday night. Now we've learned: West Hollywood where the rest of the BFA gang is living  = cool, North Hollywood = I thought was pretty cool until Alex's car was broken into there, Hollywood proper = skeezy as fuck. 

On Saturday we went to see some short films at the Playhouse West Film Festival where Pennies to the Dollar, Alex and John's Junior Thesis Project, was playing. It was great seeing a piece I had worked on playing in front of an audience that knew nothing about any of us, which is very different from any audience our work has had in the past. It played very well, with strong audience reactions at the right moments. After we went to Shin, an all you can eat Korean BBQ place, and ate a ridiculous amount of meat to celebrate the film fest and the fact that it was Alex's last night in town. I think that copious amounts of meat was an appropriate send-off for him, and I'ma miss the little bugger. 

On Sunday, John, Alisha, Katie, Melissa, Adam and I went back to Disneyland. I have to say, after growing up going to the much more overwhelming Disney World, I'm a total Disneyland fan. My boss asked me Monday after I told him that we had been to Disneyland two weekends in a row if we at least went on mushrooms for one of the times. I told him no, we were sober, we just love Disneyland. I got another fortune from Esmerelda, and it was much more optimistic but did not sound like me at all, so I will not post it. 

The internship has continued to be fun and my activities there, while simple, have gotten pretty varied. I'll give a more comprehensive post about it later since I've actually accumulated a numerous amount of amusing stories that it's enough that they deserve their own post or two. The re-writing of my senior project is going well, even though if it's more in my head than on paper, I'm starting to figure out a story that I'm happy with. Melissa has agreed to be my camera operator and kind of a Co-DP which I am very happy about, and so far she and Allen (my AD) are the only crew I have, which is fine because it's hard to ask people to commit to a project with no shooting dates. I think my plan for today (a day off from work) is to go walk to the beach and try to write down some of my script ideas before doing laundry and food shopping which are both painfully overdue. 

Bye kids (for now),

Listening to: Vicky Christina Barcelona (and half watching it, too) 

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