Monday, June 29, 2009

Odds and Ends

I'm about three and a half hours into what will certainly be a slow and boring day. There is nothing going on in the office, nothing to research, and my supervisor isn't here. I have a slow day of Internet browsing ahead of me. 

Yesterday I worked my first shoot. While I can't say what the shoot was for, I will say that it was a very fun experience. It was a small shoot, I was one of five interns serving as PAs working alongside the professional crew and I was the only woman on set. It took about two or three hours into the day before someone finally said the words that I expected to have heard much earlier. As the wee PAs huddled in the area of the room most out of the way of the Big Boy's footsteps, I caught the 1st AC giving us all a once over. "So, you're all looking to get into the industry?" We nodded, he continued. "Get out. Chose another profession while you still can. The industry is dying, I wouldn't want to be trying to break in at this time." This comment, while a little brash, isn't really rude. The guy saying it was not unfriendly. It's the most honest and most common advice given to anyone in my position and I was surprised it hadn't come up sooner in my intern experience. 

My LA summer is just about half over, which is really depressing. I like it here, but I worry we're all getting too cozy and aren't exploring the city enough. While my internship experience is half over, Mo's is just starting and I can't wait for her to blog her ass off about New York and whatever shinanigans she experiences. Meanwhile, I'll be here. In the office. Reading digg and trying not to fall asleep on this slow, slow day. 

Bye kids,

Listening to: The really awful noise the printer has started to make behind me. 

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