Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Closet

I officially booked my tickets for New York. I'm leaving for New York on June 28th and am returning on August 1st. I'm living with my cousin Joel whom happens to be gay (I promise this detail is necessary for the story... watch).

It will be my first time traveling to New York by plane, so my mom told me to ask Joel to pick me up at the airport. I sent him an email asking, but he hasn't gotten back to me. So my mom took it upon herself to ask her sister Bia why her son wasn't getting back to me. Bia explained that Joel is beginning to feel a little uncomfortable by the whole situation because of his sexuality. My mother quickly explained that I have absolutely no problem with that and she forwarded me the email so I knew what was up. When I saw the message, my immediate instinct was to email this to her: "Tell Joel I'm bisexual." Why did I send it? Partially to make Joel feel better, and partially because I knew my mom would be freaked out. The result? Within 1 minute of sending the email, my phone rang. It's my mom. I answer, "Hello?" She responded, completely void of a need for a greeting, "Are you serious?" 1 minute after...hah! When I quickly calmed her nerves by telling her, "yes, I'm joking," she replied by telling me that she has already deleted the email and has deleted her trash bin as well... just to make sure that no one would find the incriminating information.

Now, let me reassure you, my dear readers, that my mom has no problem with homosexuals - she has many gay friends and family members and she loves them all. The problem? She doesn't want her only daughter to be because then she's have to picture me scissoring my girlfriend whilst not bearing her grand kids. *Did I use the word 'whilst' correctly? Meh, I love it anyway*

So that's my diddy. I find it amusing... I hope you did too.

Less-Than-Three You, Monique
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