Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I dedicate this to Allen

After a day of typing documentary transcripts*, I decided to spend my afternoon in Central Park. Explosions in the Sky was supposed to play a concert - that was sold out. However, it was an outdoor show, so I figured I would be able to hear.

At four, I walked the 20 blocks down to 59th and 8th, the entrance into Central Park. After meandering around for about twenty minutes, it started to rain. By the time I found shelter, I was drenched head to toe. I had to ring out my hair and shirt. When the rain stopped, I went back on my voyage to find the concert. Finally, an massive line of attractive hipsters* pointed me straight to the show. Yet, right when I found the perfect seat (a rock) it started to rain again. I retreated back to my safe zone, passing adorable couples with umbrella's all along the way. Girls clung to boys, snuggling into their chests. Boys clung to girls, burying themselves in their girlfriends sides in order to receive a head massage. Common themes, I kid you not. And there I stood, all alone, soaking wet. I didn't even have my rain boots to make things better (I told you they were a great purchase). Okay, thats enough bitterness for today.

I waited out the storm with some writing and some reading. I headed down to the concert and listened to some mediocre band for an hour. It was getting late and I was getting cold so I decided to get home. I spent the next 45 minutes wandering around the park due to my decision to take a "short cut." When I finally made it out, I was on 81st and Central Park West (which is the same as 8th) - 22 blocks from the D train. I began my trek, which wasn't that bad at all seeing that there were a lot of the pretty buildings and museums on that side of town.

At 64th, the white man turned to a red hand. When I stopped at the corner, all traffic noise paused for a second and there I heard it - wallowy guitar and a lot of cymbal - it was Explosions! I b-lined back into the park, following the music so I wouldn't get lost. When I hit the baseball field the sound was perfect, so I sat down and listened, completely wet, completely cold, and completely happy.

Less-Than-Three You, Monique
Listening to: a British accent

1. I met the other intern today. Her name is Michelle. She is from Oklahoma. And, she blows my mind. She is that girl - the girl who is continuously confident. Michelle is the type of girl who doesn't 'expect' boys to buy her things but more so 'assumes' they will. She is pretty, yes, but there is something more that I can't quite put my finger on. She wears knee socks and floral dresses, and speaks loud and clear. It's all very bizarre. I'm curious if I'll actually get to know her; I don't think I will.

2. According to Monique, attractive hipsters are mainly male. They wear fitted jeans, simple t-shirts and zipper hoodies. They could have soccer bodies if they did something other than play an instrument. In order to keep their minds fresh, attractive hipsters often frequent coffee shops, trendy concerts in the park, and little known poetry events. The difference between an attractive hipster and a regular hipster is that Monique plans to obtain one someday. Not only are they adorable, but they are easy to maintain, seeing that they can survive on coffee and cigarettes alone.

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