Sunday, June 7, 2009

Prophecies from The Happiest Place on Earth

Gladly I find that you have a very strong will of your own, and will make your own fortune and know how to keep it. You have a desire to destroy things, especially in your young days. You have a shrewd, clever mind, and will succeed in the end with anything you undertake. Your love affairs will be of short duration, which may be caused by others. Money will always come to you, but by your own efforts. Keep in the open air and take lots of exercise. 
- Esmeralda 

After a tiring day at Disneyland, ending of course with Space Mountain and a trip to the candy store, we each put a quarter into the delightfully cheesy Esmeralda Fortune Teller machine. Apparently one of my lucky numbers is 9 and please note the above.

Bye kids,

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