Saturday, June 6, 2009

Late nights and long talks

So, I've given up on the job search. It's not that I'm necessarily tired of it, it's just that I've put in so many applications, have heard back from no one, and I only plan on being here (in Tucson) for three more weeks. Yes. Three weeks til New York.

My laptop finally exploded. After four long years, it has died. And, although I'm sad that I have to walk 15 minutes in Arizona heat in order to use the library computer, at least I can try to talk my parents into buying me a MacBook Pro by fall. We'll see about that.

Internship One is going well. My professor is pleased with my work. Although I'm happy to be here working for her and hanging with friends, I'm finally excited about New York. In three weeks I'll be on a plane heading for something brilliant, something new. I think I'm (almost) ready for that.

In the mean time? Late nights and long talks. These two things are a staple in the Sarah/Monique household, and even if some of the usual participants are gone, the event is still occurring.

On Tuesday, our neighbor and classmate, Nick, threw a party for his new roomate Winn. Several of us showed up and spent most of the night drinking and talking about death and religion. When the hosts decided it was finally time for bed, me, Tom (yes Sarah, he is awesome!) and George (as regular an installment as Katie) stayed up until the sun rose watching the Suicide Girl's First Tour and talking about venn diagrams...sorta.

On Thursday, I headed over to Nick's in order to loose five dollars in a poker game (hey, it's a waste of money but it is always fun). Once again, we all stayed up til 4 talking about government, revolution and how to actually make changes in this world. Our dear Winn ended his brilliant argument by saying the best start to change is throwing an informative kegger - I may or may not agree.

And Friday, after a long dinner spent talking about film and tattoo's with Tom, George and my pal Rachael, I headed over to the Loft where I submitted my junior film "(Don't) Stop." It did surprisingly well. When the 3 minute gong lit up, a few people didn't even notice. Finally a few boys in the back started booing, but only during the rape scenes. When the sex came on, they started hooting and hollering. The entire film played, and, although it didn't win the big $200.00 pot, I'm still proud. Afterwards, my household and Nick's household merged to attend a pool party, and when it died down, we went back to Nick's for (you guessed it) another late night filled with long talks about writing, film and God knows what else.

All I can say after a pretty entertaining week is that I hope this momentum keeps going.

less than three you <3 Monique
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