Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Good Food, Good Music, Good People

Alex came back to Tucson last night. In his honor, Nick threw a small dinner party with the promise of good food, good music and good people. I arrived promptly at 7:30 carrying homemade cupcakes that I baked with love (in your honor, Sarah). The boys made a beautiful meal including two types of pasta, garlic bread and lots of cheap wine. We spent the night eating and dancing and talking - it was absolutely beautiful. Alex gave me the LA updates which made me realize exactly how much I miss everyone out there. The night ended with him promising to take me to Vermont for the weekend when we're in New York together. We're gonna watch the fireflies on his porch so I can get some film inspiration. All in all, Nick's promise came through. It was a lovely little night.

Less-Than-Three You <3 Monique
Listening To: Closer - Kings of Leon

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