Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sarah writing about cupcakes, go figure...

How I get to know a city, apparently.

Hi Kids,

So me and Katie (me and Mo's third musketeer)'s place is officially wireless routed so we are no longer sharing one ethernet cable - which was a situation non-conducive to blogging. After driving to LA on Saturday, moving into our place Sunday, and working at my internship Monday and Tuesday, today was my first real day to sleep in and chill and see where they day takes me. The weather here has been on the cool side, staying the 60s and 70s, mostly cloudy during the day but brightening up in late afternoon. Since today was chilly and rainy, the day took me to cupcakes. Katie and I convinced Adam and Alex to join us in our quest for Sprinkles, the popular LA based cupcake bakery. After battling traffic and the boys' skepticism we found our Sprinkles, waited on the line out the door, purchased our cupcakes, and happily food-gasmed. I am often wary of cupcake bakeries after being disappointed by Magnolia's in Manhattan and other such places, but in this case I approve. 

After the first few days of spending way too much money Katie and I realized that if we kept dining out for every meal we'd have to switch to an all ramen-noodle diet very quickly so now we're trying to balance out our money spending endeavors. I'd say most of our spending, while ridiculous, has been worth it: i.e. the two rides on the West Coaster Roller Coaster on the Santa Monica Pier was totally worth the five bucks. I don't want to talk about how much money I'm going to spend on gas this summer, it's a bummer. 

I have a lot of jumbled thoughts about the internship, where we're living, and what we've been doing but I'll save those thoughts for a few more days. For now I'm happy, mostly relaxed but not completely, and trying to work on my script for the fall. And I miss Mo. 

Bye Kids,

Listening to: Age of Consent - New Order 

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