Friday, May 29, 2009

And this is the beginning...

The Two:
Sarah and Monique just finished up their Junior year with a busy semester in which they each made two short films, worked on a plethora of other projects, and drank a lot of wine to compensate. Now, at the start of the summer they had a brief cool-down period and it's time to get back in the game. Tomorrow Sarah drives to LA to begin her summer at a music video and commercial production company and Monique soon begins Internship Number One in Tucson before flying out to New York for Internship Number Two in a month. This blog will not only be the roomies' way of compensating for the lack of each other all summer, but will also document their adventures interning in the film industry on opposite coasts. 

So here we are, sitting in my room the night before I drive out to LA. I just finished packing (or, I just finished obsessing over the idea of packing) and we're getting ready to go out for our last night together in town. Tonight, the eve of my summer adventure, doesn't really feel like a transitional night even though it is. My expectations for the next few months are kept neutral, mostly with the hope that the reality will exceed my low expectations. I promise my future posts in this blog will have actual points, but right now all I can say is, it's the last night with my Mo and I'm not quite sure how I'll handle living without her in the next room. 

When Sarah leaves tomorrow, this summer officially begins in my book. While I'm waiting to go to New York, I'm stuck here - in Tucson - starting my own internship, [hopefully] working and beginning pre-production on my senior project. As ready as I am for summer, a part of me is nervous. This is my last summer as a student and a year from now, I'll be forced into growing up. So what do I want from this summer? Other than experience and a little assurance that I belong in this industry, I want to prove to myself that I can handle the real world. My existential side wants me to find and embrace who I am as a filmmaker. If you only get one life changing experience, I am ready to spend that ticket this summer... even if my Sarah isn't there to listen to my silly stories in the morning.

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