Thursday, July 16, 2009

This thing called film...

My brain is cluttered. Internship 2 is 2/3's over (only 4 days left). Internship 1 is coming down to the final bits (we start shooting Wednesday, there is still a lot to do). My script options are occupying the better half of my mind. The problem is that there is too much in there to see straight. Lets begin:

For internship 2, the Art Director asked me to follow up with a bunch of car owners in the hopes of finding 5 or 6 vintage cars by Monday. Also, we need to get a hold of a copy of the New York Times from the summer of 1970 by Monday. Also, we need bulbs on battery packs to represent oil lamp flames by Monday. I found out about this with less than a week to go. I'm hustling, trying to pull out the stops and figure out how to get these things by then. Regardless of the fact that I'm mildly annoyed that such big details were left for the last minute, part of me understands. That's how films work, right? But a bit of organization would be nice. A bit more preparation would be nice. That will be my goal for my senior film...

My senior script is still waning. I finally figured out how to structure it in a clear, concise and believable way. My friend Brandon, who writes dialogue heavy scripts, said he would be more than happy to help me work the minimal dialogue that I am to use. The problem? My heart is leaning to something else. It's a bit more personal, which could be a problem. But it's beautiful to me. I could learn to love it, or loose myself in it for a year. But should I? Especially when I have a lot underway with the original already? Especially because I know I can't commit to anything I ever have? I'm indecisive by nature, and I need to work on that... before my film becomes as disorganized as Internship 1's.

Less-Than-Three You, Monique
Listening to: Ira Glass - Didn't Ask to Be Born (thanks, SM)

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