Monday, July 13, 2009

(37) Days of Summer

Yes, I counted.

So, today: Went to work. The other intern = enjoyable, fun, reminds me a bit of Jillian in some ways. I approve.

After work: I headed down to Eclectic Prop Shop, a prop house on 26th and 11th. I had to take photo's of suitcases for my first internship. We're shooting next week, so I'm getting pretty excited. What's more is that it was nice to get out of the transcript world and be involved in the actual creative side of filmmaking. I'm sick of post! This, being my first prop shop experience, was quite the novelty. It was nothing more than a giant thrift store, with cooler shit. I'll take it though. Check out some of the pic's below of suitcases, and other (cooler) things I found at this little place.

After the prop shop: Paula and I went to see (500) Days of Summer. It was the special screening and sadly, but not surprisingly, Zooey was a no show. Marc Webb, the director, as well as the writers were there for the Q&A. The film, which was based on one of the screenwriters personal experiences, was well written, well developed and well revealed. I liked it. I won't give too much away, but I will say this. They ripped off my idea, those bitches.* The film as a whole was relatable on so many levels, that I think anyone who sees it will find something to enjoy - and not in a typical Hollywood fashion. (Okay, I'm starting to talk like a politician. I'm saying nothing with a whole lot of words. Moving on!).

During the Q&A session I asked a question that we as filmmakers often discuss (or at least I have, I don't know). The film as a whole is ambiguous to the actual fine details of the relationship. Rather than letting the events fuel the characters actions, they let the actions fuel the emotions. The film, in short, is a vessel for this mans emotional response. So, my question was this: did they choose to use emotion to tell the story rather than events as a general rule of thumb for all films, or was it particular to this film. And why?

The answer was not too thrilling, as he gave me something much more specific than what I wanted, but I'll blame that on my own wording. So, world, if you can give me an answer to that (should a story be told through events or emotion, or more relevant, are stories stronger when told through one versus the other) I will appreciate it.

Well, that was my day. I wanted to say more with this blog, but my mind doesn't seem to be functioning very well these days - my clarity is getting worse, boo!

Less-Than-Three You, Monique
Listening to: crumpling paper

*They did a sequence directly comparing expectation and reality - with a split screen! J-Corsie, where are you?!?

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