Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"New York, I love you"

I just completed my last day at work. I have successfully finished my internships. Whew!

Today was a really good day, as a matter of fact. After 3 weeks of straight transcribing, Yvette and I did nothing of the sort today. Paul Steckler, who spoke at UA and is working on this doc with Peter, Loui and Andy (my bosses), stopped in today to watch an 8 minute cut of the doc. It was really interesting to see how our work was utilized and I was excited to see and be apart of the project.

CNAM is changing locations, so Loui had Yvette and I sort and sell books at this used shop on 12th and Broadway. We got to pick out some books to keep. I got some pretty sweet ones, I might say. After the book selling, Loui bought all of us Japanese food for lunch to celebrate my last day. It was so good - probably the best bento box/sushi experience I've ever had. Ugh... I'm gonna miss the food.

I finished the day by dismantling the interior of a computer and making paper dolls of all of us. I told Loui that he's not allowed to take them down... ever.

After work, Yvette took me to a bar for a post work drink. It was my first drink in a month, and I'm proud to say that she offered me a cig and I declined - 2 weeks since my last, and I intend to keep it that way. Coffee is a perfectly adequate vice.

I took off around 6 and headed back to the used book shop to get a few more books. By the time I was done at the shop, I had 5 CNAM books, 2 used books, and 4 personal books stuffed in my purse. I need to get another bookshelf.

On my way back home, I passed this great little gallery and was going to stop inside. But it was raining terribly by that point, so I hurried off to the subway. Now I'm home with a mild headache, a sack full of books that need reading and a half packed suitcase. My mom arrives tomorrow so I'm moving out of Joel's and into a hotel for my last two nights in the city. (!)

So, this is it. My last blog written in NY. Nothing too special, nothing too heavy... just a nice little tale of a pretty cool day.

Less-Than-Three You, Monique
Listening to: the rain

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