Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Snow Bunnies

Day three of the internship: 6 hours of (you guessed it) typing transcripts. I'm supposed to be doing some casting stuff for Internship 1 on Monday and will be talking to the Art Director (hopefully) in the next couple of days... Dear God, I want this film stuff to pick up.
I tried to spice up my day a little by trying a new place for lunch: "Grey's Papaya" where they serve a Recession Special that consists of 2 hot dogs and papaya juice for $4.45. Done and done. I knocked out my lunch in about 10 minutes, so I took another 10 and walked around the block. I saw hanging meat in a window and got nostalgic for Sarah. On my way back to the office, I passed two construction workers. This brings us to my new blog special: NEW YORK PHRASES!
Encounter 1 -
Guy 1: *winks* hey
Me (to myself): you're my dad's age
Guy 2: Leave that young girl alone, you old perv.
Guy 3: (walking in my direction) you know they were gonna say something right?
Me: Yeah
Guy 3: Now that I'm walking with you, they won't say anything. I'm Michael, by the way...
Me (to myself): you're pretty old, too.
After work, I decided to head over to Bryant Park to work on my film. I'm thinking about switching to a short story adaptation... I fell in love with "Teddy" by J.D. Salinger yesterday, so we'll see how that goes. Before I got into the park, I stopped at Crumbs to get a Blackout cupcake and an iced coffee. Food in tow, I found a nice table and annotated the story for an hour. I think I've spent too much time with Jillian, because a bird decided to shit on my book and hand. Yes. (And when I told my mother and aunt the story later, their first reply was "I hear that's good luck." I responded by saying, "that's probably a lie to make people who got shit on feel better.").
Anyway, after the poop incident, I headed toward the Hudson. Along the way I passed a live concert/benefit show. It was super intense (please refer to picture). As I continued my journey, I passed a group of dudes. NEW YORK PHRASES!
Encounter 2 -
Guy 1: Hey there, Snow Bunny
Me (to myself): what the fuck? [long pause] I'll take it!
On my way to the Hudson, Alex called and confirmed the Vermont trip. I'm heading to Long Island tomorrow so we can drive up to Vermont first thing Friday morning. His parting words were "don't forget a swimsuit." I brought one with me, but it's mildly skank and doesn't fit properly (the bottom's too loose and the tops to small) - so I headed over to Macy's to find one of those one pieces with the backs chopped out so that my suit won't fall off in the lake. Long story short - that place is huge... after searching 5 floors, I couldn't find the bathing suits so I gave up and headed back to the Bronx. NEW YORK PHRASES!
Encounter 3 -
Guy 1 (to Guy 2): It's like having sex with a roc ho
Me (to myself ): I wonder what exactly is comparable to sex with a roc ho...

On the subway, I heard a woman sing that Whitney Houston song from "The Bodyguard" and a dude do a drum cover of "Smooth Criminal." Yes.
So, that's it today. I won't write until after the VT trip so you get a reprieve for the next few days.
In the end, I'm having a blast in this city, I really am. But I'm starting to ache for certain people. Being here is so bitter sweet.
Less-Than-Three You, Snow Bunny... I mean Monique
Listening to: nothing, nothing at all
*EDIT* I just heard a gunshot and screams. Welcome to the Bronx.

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