Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sex on Fire

Adam and the crew, doing it. Look at that mack. Owh!

You know you're from Arizona when its 105 outside and you still wear a sweater.

That's code for "I'm back," by the way.

Yup, so I'm home and am terribly surprised that I'm not phased by the change at all. Usually, a change of scenery like this blows me away, but just like my entrance into New York, my exit was smooth. I'm not even antzy to get back to Tucson, which is a regular emotion for me when I find myself trapped in my parents house in this one horse town. Yes, I believe that was the first time I've used that phrase. Enjoy.

My mom came Thursday, and we bascially did New York in 48 hours. I think we hit every major district south of 81st. We saw museums, churches, fashion and photography galleries, parks, Kings of Leon live, the Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero, Crumbs, fabric stores, Times Square, Lincoln Center, and so on, and so on. We walked till our feet bled. Boom. Best part of that trip? When she told off a guy for hollering at me:*
Guy: (gives me the up down) Oh, so cute, girl. Mhmm
Mom: (angry voice) Cut it out! Filthy old man
Oh, and she definately befriend a cop. My mom's a champ.

I think I've got the script. I mean it this time. Mr. Oliver has been using his free time to assist a couple of the classmates on their films. The help I received was in the form of a lot of inspirational material, lots of potential scripts (including a brief one he wrote based on my original concept), and some 'tough love.'** I was more or less set on working with George's script, seeing that I was 80% happy with it, and it utilized a lot of original concepts I wanted. But then, I began reading some of the inspiration material he used. He told me the concept was reflective of a graphic novel by Brian Wood called "Channel Zero." When I went to the used bookstore with Yvette, I saw one of his other books, so I figured I'd check it out. Inside was a perfect short for an adaptation. It has a great structure and the character has a similar feeling to the one I initially wrote, but she is in a situation related to an earlier idea - a perfect mix of my two ideas... but done a thousand times better. So, I'm gonna work on an adaptation and, hopefully, it will be doable. Worst case scenario, I go back to George's script - which isn't a bad deal at all.

For the next two weeks, I'm gonna chill here in Scottsdale and get everything in order. It's back to the job hunt - though I might have a gig at the end of the month.*** I need to work on the film (which will be there for the rest of the semester). This may involve a trip to Arcosanti. I've got some minor housekeeping details, ie, bills, laundry, sewing, etc. And I want to see some friends that are in town before I head back to Tucson. This was a pretty sweet and smooth summer... lets hope the Tucson transition is the same.

Oh! One last note! The "Capture the Flag" shoot has a flickr page. Check them out! And Sarah, darling, you can see Skyler's big-headed, blue eyed baby right here. Imagine that thing comming out of your lady parts (Owh! Deal, audience, deal). And $20 goes to whoever correctly identifies "Shorts" and "Legs" first. Go!

Less-Than-Three You, Monique
Listening to: (in my head) My Moon My Man - Feist

*Ladies, if you haven't already been to NY, be prepared to hear more compliments and more insults than you ever have in your life. Regardless of what you look like or what you're wearing, there is a NY man waiting to holler.
**It's been a summer of 'tough love.' Beside Mr. Oliver, I'd like to thank Mrs. Dias, Mr. Locke, Mr. Jones, Ms.Laughlin, Mr. Hulsey and (briefly, as requested) Ms. Haber. BMD, BMU.
***Film kids! If you want to hop on a paid short in Phoenix, let me know.

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